The company

T.I.A designs, constructs and sets up industrial plants and pilots which use the membrane filtration technique. T.I.A chose to be independent and can, as a result, satisfy your most particular needs.

For 20 years, we have been supporting our clients in their innovative ideas to use the membrane filtration technique.Our long lasting experience and our 400 installations located throughout the world show and prove our know-how.

T.I.A supports you in your projects: audits, feasibility surveys, design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and optimisation of existing plant. Whenever you may need us, our company will help you.

Our team has a long lasting experience and is highly qualified. It will listen to you carefully and will be able to suggest the best solutions, whether technical or financial, to achieve your project.

T.I.A is specialised on the membrane filtration technique. The company works together with several research organisations in order to offer the best solutions and the most adapted processes.

Our company is specialised on process applications in sectors and industries such as food-processing, food, bio-ingredients, bio-technologies, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and environment. We use all our experience and know-how to satisfy your needs.