Application fields

We are specialised on process applications in sectors and industries such as food-processing, food, bio-ingredients, bio-technologies, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and environment. We will place our experience and know-how at your disposal to satisfy you.

Table introducing the different application fields of the membrane techniques of cross-flow filtration:

Main activity Operation Treated effluent products Manufactured or imported products Membrane technic
Slaughter house Valorisation Blood Blood plasma MF UF
Starch Treatment Effluents   MF UF
Coffee Concentration Coffee effluents Concentrated or soluble coffee RO
Canning Treatment Bleaching waters Various RO
Distillery Treatment Effluents   MF UF
Pork breeding Treatment Pork liquid manure   RO
Beverage industry Clarification, sterilisation Ingredients for beverages Beverage MF
Beverage industry: wine cooperatives Clarification Wine Wine MF
Auto-improvement Rape Wine RO
Desalcoholisation Wine Alcohol-free wine RO
Beverage industry: fruit juices Concentration, clarification Fruit juice Concentrated juices UF
Beverage industry: fruit and vegetables juices Clarification et depectinisation Ingredients for beverages Beverages UF
Beverage industry: brewery Purification, concentration Waters from the making Beer MF UF RO
Softening, elimination for organic molecule Draining juices Waters from the process NF
Desalcoholisation Beer Alcohol-free beer RO
Starchy industry Treatment Starchy effluents   MF UF
Preconcentration Starchy effluents Red waters RO
Fermentation Recycling treatment Effluents   MF UF
Recycling treatment Sewages Waters from the process RO
Dairy and cheese dairy industries Delipidation Whey Milk MF UF
Purification Milk bacteria   MF
Démineralisation and concentration Whey Whey NF
Preconcentration Milk Proteins RO
Deprotéinisation, recycling, standardisation Whey Liquid cheese UF
Production Milk   UF
Yeast industry Preconcentration Effluents   RO
Egg production Concentration Egg products Egg products UF
Concentrated products Concentration Fruits and vegetables Concentrated food RO
Sugar refinery Treatment Washing water, grain soaking   MF UF
Treatment Ammoniacal water   RO
Resins treatment Regeneration eluate   RO
Clarification, enzymatic hydrolyse Glucose Glucose, sugars, beverages UF
Pasteurisation Glucose syrup Glucose, sugars, beverages UF
Biotechnologies Recycling   Micro-organisms MF
Fractionation Small peptide   NF
Concentration Reactor waste Biotechnology waste RO
Treatment   High or low added value products UF
Rubber Recycling   Latex UF
Chemistry Recycling   Catalysts fines MF UF
Production Reactor waste Citric acid RO
Recycling   Polyhydric alcohols, surfactants RO
Recycling Organic material Fermentation broth RO
Separation Rinsing water Various RO
Recycling   Silicon chip RO
Leather and skins / tannery Treatment Effluents of brine baths of depilation   MF UF
Separation Effluents of brine baths of depilation   MF UF RO
Various sectors Treatment Oil emulsion in water   MF UF
Pre-treatment Solutions before the RO Solutions to be treated by RO MF UF
Treatment Demineralised water from REI Resins exchanging ions MF
Dust removal, mist separation Gas   MF
Pre-treatment Water Water from high pressure boiler RO
Recycling Rinsing water   RO
Treatment Glycoled water   RO
Concentration Effluents or condensates Various, cleanup RO
Treatment Regeneration eluate Resins exchanging ions RO
Transport Treatment Lixiviation water Water MF UF
Dump Treatment Lixiviation water Water RO
Waters Desalinisation Seawater Fresh water RO
Pre-treatment Seawater (RO followed UF) Fresh water UF
Desalinisation Briny water Irrigation water RO
Elimination Peculiar organic pollution Drinking water MF
Making of drinking water Briny water Drinking water UF
Softening, refining   Drinking water NF
Cleanup Cleaning up Cleaned-up water UF
Electronic Depyrogenation Rinsing water from tools   UF
Components manufacture Purification Water Ultra pure water MF UF RO
Energy Treatment (coking plant) Ammoniacal water   MF UF RO
Production (nuclear) Waters Ultra pure water, demineralised RO
Recycling (petrol)   Ultra pure water, demineralised RO
Treatment (petrol) Process water Deasphalting solvents RO
Treatment (uranium) Radioactive effluents Uranium RO
Extraction (mines) Treatment Mine waters   MF UF
Printing Treatment Waters from ink tanks, effluents   MF UF
Treatment Washing waters from flexographic printing   UF
Materials (cement, lime, plaster) Cleanup Dust   MF UF
Electric material Cleanup Treatment baths   MF UF others
Pharmaceutical Sterilisation Various Vaccines, serums, plasmas, cultures MF
Purification Water Ultra pure water for dialysis RO
Purification Chemical reactor Active principle, antibiotic RO
Production   Injectable products RO
Production   Sugar RO
Separation Various Virus and bacteria RO
Fermentation Blood Various UF
Concentration, fractionation   Various UF
Production   Apyrogenic water UF
Concentration, purification   Enzymes, polysaccharide UF
Depyrogenisation   Injectable products UF
Concentration Solvents Vaccines et viruses UF
Textile Treatment (spinning, weaving) Effluents, washing waters   RO
Treatment (dye, imprint wool, various) Dye discharge, washing effluents   MF UF
Recycling (dyeworks) Baths Colorants, finishing MF UF
Treatment (clothes, hosiery) Dross   MF UF